TWAWKI is a friendly gaming community where you can feel at home!

TWAWKI B-Team - Small friendly survival server you can call home! :)

We are not trying to be the best and the biggest server. Our goal is to make a nice server, a place we can call home! :)

Our admins are sometimes lazy and they don't build awesome stuff like bigger servers do. But we are very nice, friendly and helpful to the other nice players who seek for relaxing easy survival playing.

We don't have too much staff and when they play they play as normal survival players. Nobody gets any item privileges, and staff mines and builds stuff like everybody else in survival.

NOTE ON CONNECTION ERRORS! The server is up and working even if it shows "Can't reach server" or "Connection timed out" errors on server listing and when joining! Just try try try again! :D


  • Players can build their bases virtually where ever they like, except to the other players backyards. With no world border there's infinite land to build and explore! There's also some community-driven towns where you can live or make a shop to sell stuff.
  • Players can build awesome stuff without need to worry that it will be gone next day. Mob block damage is off. Griefed stuff can be rollbacked. GriefProtection claims protects the rest. :)
  • Claimable area increases by non-afk playing time. The longer you play the larger you can build.
  • We have over 40 different radio channels for OpenBlocks radio. Collect them all and we'll add some more!
  • Server runs on a dedicated over-sized hardware and its location in Eastern North America guarantees excellent lag-free connections also to Europe.


  • PvP is not allowed and it's OFF by default everywhere. (And we have keepInventory on anyway. :P)
  • Griefing, stealing and raiding are not allowed on claimed areas.
  • No swearing or dirty talk please, we try to keep our server kid-friendly and a nice place for everybody to enjoy.
  • No spamming, racism or sexual content. Respect others and you are respected.
  • Don't cheat, don't hack, don't abuse bugs and glitches. Doing those on survival server is totally lame.
  • Anyone caught cheating by duplicating items or generating liquids by abusing bugs and glitches, or distributing stuff gained by such cheaty methods, will be banned. Intended use of machines is of course allowed (including the over-unity loop connection of lava fabricator and magmatic dynamo).
  • All server lagging or crashing contraptions will be deleted or at least broken to prevent harm to the server.
  • Don't ask staff for privileges, ranks, or staff positions as you won't get them that way.
  • All player bans are permanent, no jailing or temporary bans.

Banned stuff:

  • All banning has been done with great regret and only to protect the honest players. These might be enabled later to trusted players.
  • Minions Mod (griefing) (Necromancy minions are ok)
  • Dubstepguns (crashing)
  • Statues hammer (griefing)
  • Golden Eggs (griefing)
  • Flans Mechas (griefing)
  • Presents (duping)

Not banned stuff

  • Lots of stuff which are usually banned in other servers are not banned at TWAWKI, but instead their use might be monitored to prevent abuse.
  • These include but are not limited to: chunk loaders, Archimedes Ships, mover tools, dinosaurs, drawbridges, mystic branch.