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xfactor971Hi. My username is LumpyTheElf. I seem to have glitched into a portal and whenever I try to log back into the server it kicks me off the server with the message "Internal Server Error," so I can't access the server. :/
PaziGamer   Hi! The problem has been solved by breaking the portal. You should now be able to log in. :d
nblade46   registered to TWAWKI
nblade46i cant seem to join the sever
PaziGamer   Hi! Sorry for the delay in answering.

Looking from the server logs, you seem to have been on the server for two minutes, doing one /rtp and then your network connection seems to have disconnected, or your client crashed.

After that there's no log entries either with your username or with your IP address, which suggests that either your whole B-Team installation is broken, or if you can join other B-Team servers, then you could try our other address to the server.

We have two addresses:
[link] and

Whichever you used of those two before, try the other one. That should fix the problem if it's in your MapWriter server-specific settings which often get corrupted and crash clients either on specific server or all the servers.

If you still can't connect, please return here for more help. :)
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